The name “Joanna” means “God is gracious.” This truth has become the theme of my life, the song in my heart, and the message I hope to communicate with everything I write.

All around me I see people hurting – facing serious health challenges, broken relationships, difficult circumstances…so many kinds of suffering.

I believe it is God’s grace that gives us the hope and healing we all need. My desire is to be an instrument of God’s grace, bringing His hope and healing to the suffering.

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Looking forward to keeping up with you through your blog, knowing that God will use your writings to comfort many… including me. Thank you. It is great so far!

Thank you Carleen! I so appreciate your encouragement and prayers. Hope you’re having a great week! =)

Thanks for your willingness to reach out to the hurting. You are a blessing to many! May God continue to use you as His instrument.

Thank you! I wouldn’t be who I am today without your love and godly example. I praise God for blessing me so much through you!

Congratulations on your new, very own website! I look forward to more posts and news to come. Will you continue with both of your blogs now that you have this site?
My cousins LOVED their books. Thank you for writing them. 🙂

Thanks Katie! Yes, I’ll still keep up with the blogs weekly. So glad the kids are enjoying the books, praise God! What a joy it is to be used by Him to bless others! May His joy fill your thoughts this Christmas. =) Hugs!

Joanna, I have had a chronic illness for 25 years or more. I am now 77 years old. I look forward to the encouragement I will receive from reading your blog.

Thanks so much for your willingness to encourage those of us who are not well.

I’m so sorry to hear about your long years of illness! I pray God will encourage you and lead you to answers step by step. Have you ever tried Lymphatic massage? It’s made a huge difference for me! If you’re interested, I can send you some information about it.
God bless you,

Hi Joanna,
Good to see you have another website. You are very encouraging and I love to read what you write. It is such a blessing from God that I found your first website. I enjoy them all. I do not know how you have time to write all of them, but I am so glad that you do. They are certainly helpful and God has given you a wonderful grace and talent in talking to others and encouraging them.
May Jesus continue to richly bless you and heal you. Lovingly in Christ Jesus. Kathy

Thank you Kathy! I really appreciate your prayers and encouragement! I continue praying for you also. I’m so thankful for the hope we have in our awesome God!

Thanks for the good post on getting better sleep. I’d like to add that having clean–fragrance free–sheets is also a big help! Keep up the good work.

Hi Joanna,

CONGRATULATIONS on all you are doing. I am so proud of you. God is doing a special work in you, and given you a ministry for Him. I continue to improve slow, but sure. I am doing work via internet that involves ministering to people all over the world; gone to three functions in the Village; just finished knitting 15 pair of slippers to sell at our November Craft show in the Village, and a book a friend and I are doing in honor of my wonderful Christian Mom is nearing completion. I give God all the praise. I keep you in my prayers and trust God for your complete healing.

God bless you richly,

Thank you Gail, always great to hear from you! I praise God for the work He’s doing in you also! What a wonderful God! =)
Thanks for your sweet friendship, encouragement & prayers!

Hi there, Jo
It’s always good to read anything you write. What a lovely gift the Lord has given to you! I smile when I think of the time we surprised you by traveling to your graduation. You have always had a special place in our hearts.
Much love,

Thanks Pam! You are both so special to me as well. Having you at my graduation was such a treat! =) Hope I’ll get to see you again soon. Hugs!

Hi Joanna,
His graces abound in your life and it is so great that you are able to get back to writing again. I will continue praying for you and your Mom. God Bless

First of all I “ThankYou” for remembering me. Life has a habit of consuming us. I was so sorry to hear of your mothers ordeal. My husband had CHF ten years ago. He is completely well now. Praise to God & a good Dr. He took his meds as ordered, changed his diet, (he’s now a vegan) & exercises. His problems started from an allergic reaction to an inhaler called Albuterol. Given to him when he had a chest cold. The only medication he’s on now is Amioderone. This med. is to keep his heart healthy. I have two friends whose husbands are having serious health problems. They have health problems themselves. It’s hard to be a caregiver when you’re ill yourself. God Didn’t Promise Days Without Pain, Laughter Without Sorrow, Nor Sun Without Rain, But He Did Promise Strength For The Day, Comfort For The Tears, And Light For The Way. I will keep you & your mom in prayer. God Bless.

Thank you for your encouragement! Yes, God gives us many blessings in the trials and strength for each challenge. He is faithful! Thanks so much for your prayers! That’s wonderful your husband is doing so well, praise God! May you both continue to enjoy Jesus and shine His light in this world. Blessings, -Joanna

Your posts are always such an encouragement! I’m praising God to see how He continues to “grow” you. May He receive all the glory!


Hi Joanna,I have enjoyed your book,Grace In Time of Need. It has helped so much,but I have suffered health problems for years ,plus depression. I was diagnosed with bipolar several years ago and had taken meds and they did help. I got married about a year and a half ago and my wonderful husband had been married to a woman who also suffered some mental illness and although he is a great man, he kept saying that someday, I would be able to do without the meds,so after about 6 months, I weaned myself off the drugs,but not sure that was the right move as I then suffered mood swings,but they are tapering off,but nowI have chronic insomnia and it’s hard for him to understand when I have to get up at all hours of the night. I am researching your helpful sites on Heath and I ask you to pray that I will conquer with God’s help this to. I love your book and look forward to reading more. How were you able to finally find the right doctor and diagnosis?

Thank you so much for your comment! I’m so thankful my book has been an encouragement, praise God! I’m so sorry for the rough journey you’ve had. I will pray for God’s healing, encouragement, strength, perseverance, and supernatural joy for you.
I was diagnosed with Environmental Illness in 2008, but I wasn’t given much hope of recovery by the doctors. Thankfully, God had other plans. =) He led me one step at a time to many helpful tools for healing. In my experience there isn’t one doctor who can help you get well. Recovery from chronic illness is more like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. You find one helpful piece here, another piece there, etc. I’ve benefited from a massage therapist who taught us lymphatic massage (a very specific kind of massage), from a physical therapist who helped with my breathing problems, from an herbalogist, from a reflexologist, from a brain retraining program to heal past brain traumas, from essential oils, detox baths, etc. There are many good tools out there, it’s a matter of finding what your body needs one step at a time. There’s a lot of info on my blog, or feel free to email me with specific questions.
Above all, hold on to hope! I was reading Psalm 33 this morning, “the eyes of the LORD are on those who fear Him, on those whose hope is in His unfailing love.” He is our hope!
Keep in touch and let me know how things go.
Love and blessings,

Thank you for persevering with your blogs through the years. I praise God for the servant heart you have to help others. May Jesus continue to give you joy in the journey.

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