While my specific health challenge has been Environmental Illness, I’ve learned a lot about health in general and how to take good care of the body. You’ll find a lot of health information on my blog –

Here are some specific resources that have helped me in my own health journey:

1) Two health practicioners who helped me tremendously –

Dr. Anthony Smith has developed a natural treatment method for many things including parasites, viruses, bacterial infections, candida, allergies, etc. He also now has a natural and effective treatment for Lyme disease. His methods are so effective, that as of fall 2015 his office is booking new patients 5 months in advance. Here are his two websites –

For phone consults with a knowledgeable herbalogist who has helped me tremendously, check out this website –

2) Websites with helpful information about environmental toxins, pesticides in foods, natural health news, etc. – – The environmental working group has compiled tons of research and data with various fact sheets, such as amounts of pesticides in produce, tap water quality by region, a cosmetics database, etc. – Dr. Mercola is a natural health expert with well researched articles and tons of helpful information for anyone wanting to improve their health.

3) Companies that supply vitamins, supplements and organic products – – sells vitamins, supplements, shower filters, etc. – sells organic fabric, bedding, towels, household products, etc.

If you have questions about health, please feel free to leave a comment or email me. I’m more than happy to help in any way I can.

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