How Are You Thinking?

I think a more common question we ask is probably – “What are you thinking?” But there is an additional aspect to what we are thinking, and that’s how we think. Do we think with a negative perspective or a positive one? Do we think intentionally, patiently, or chaotically?

These are some questions addressed by Dr. Caroline Leaf in the video below: “How to Train Your Mind to Avoid Burnout.”

After the severe stress I experienced in May-July, I felt like there was a level of burnout. Praise God that He is healing me day by day. I’m thankful He walks with me in the stressful times and in the healing process. And He knows exactly what I need each step of the way.

The body and the mind are connected – stress to one affects the other. And when there is stress on both, it’s even harder.  

Sometimes it can feel like there are no easy answers. Your life may seem like a 3000-piece jigsaw puzzle…believe me, I understand. But don’t let that stop you from continuing to put in one more piece at a time. =)

So for myself this week, I found Dr. Leaf’s video informative and encouraging. We can recover from burnout, and we can learn tips to help us prevent it as well.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch this. (It’s about 18 minutes.) Then feel free to share in the comments anything you found helpful or quotes from the video that stood out to you.

Here are some quotes that I wrote down to think about further:

“A toxic thought life will make you feel drained and exhausted.”

“You can’t change anything until you’re aware of it.”

“You’re brilliant.”

“You control your brain with your mind.”

“How to Train Your Mind to Avoid Burnout”

I know that changing our thought patterns won’t necessarily change our circumstances or “fix” the problems we face…please don’t think I’m saying, “Just think better and your life will be great!” We know life is hard and much of what happens is outside our control.

At the same time, I think we can all agree that healthier thoughts are certainly a wise and long-term investment in our health and our lives.

May God continue to give us grace and strength for the challenges, and may He help us change how we are thinking, perhaps even starting today.


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